Sentence Examples

  • The huge glyptodon once inhabited this region, which now possesses the smallest armadillo known, the " quirquincho " or Dasypus minutus.
  • Of the Pleistocene and recent deposits the most interesting are the remains of extinct animals (Glyptodon, Mylodon, Megatherium, &c.) in the caves of the Sao Francisco.
  • GLYPTODON (Greek for "fluted-tooth"), a name applied by Sir R.
  • In Glyptodon (with which Schistopleurum is identical) the tailsheath consists of a series of coronet-like rings, gradually diminishing in diameter from base to tip. Daedicurus, in which the tailsheath is in the form of a huge solid club, is the largest member of the family; in Panochthus and Sclerocalyptus (Hoplophorus) the tail-sheath consists basally of a small number of smooth rings, and terminally of a tube.

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