Sentence Examples

  • The arrow of the glyph points optimistically upwards representing not only Aries' upwards and onwards personality, but also his need to assert himself.
  • Since it isn't as obvious as the glyph image or the water carrier, you may find yourself explaining this type of tattoo to admirers unless you add a tiny Aquarius symbol or the word "Aquarius" in small font to the tattoo.
  • If the glyph looks a bit too tribal for your tastes, perhaps a design that features a drop of water landing in a small pool with waves resonating out from it would be more aesthetically pleasing to you.
  • Symbol and glyph: Aries' symbol and glyph translates into a dynamic, fiery individual who throws himself head first into challenges and stays optimistic no matter the odds.
  • If you're enthusiast about birth charts, then perhaps you might prefer the glyph symbol for Aquarius over the more literal interpretation mentioned above.