Sentence Examples

  • In the early stage of Bell's palsy, when facial muscles are the most flaccid, it is desirable to allow the muscles to simply rest and recover on their own.
  • This causes the muscles to become limp or soft, and they cannot contract, a condition called flaccid paralysis and is the type found in polio.
  • The hump (or humps) varies in size according to the condition of the animal, becoming small and flaccid after hard work and poor diet.
  • They are then spread out thinly on trays or racks made of bamboo, canvas or wire netting, under cover, for some 18 or 30 hours (according to the temporary weather conditions) to wither, after which they are in a soft, flaccid condition ready for rolling.
  • The sealed cells are dark-coloured and sunken, pierced with irregular holes, and the larvae in all stages from the crescent-shaped healthy condition to that in which the dead larvae are seen lying at the bottom of the cells, flaccid and shapeless.