Sentence Examples

  • Oakley Fives Squared: Priced at just $70.00, you'll have the option of choosing among several different colors that range from black/grey to grey smoke and warm/grey to rootbeer.
  • Oakley Classics Fives 3.0 Sunglasses: Done in a grey smoke frame/black iridium lens, these sunglasses are available for the very wallet-friendly price of just $39.99.
  • The remaining models; Fours and Fives are less clearly defined by include the scientist, physician Simons and the politically oriented Aaron Dorals.
  • The parts of the flower are most frequently arranged in fives, or multiples of fives; for instance, a common arrangement is as follows, - five sepals, succeeded by five petals, ten stamens in two sets of five, and five or fewer carpels; an arrangement in fours is less frequent, while the arrangement in threes, so common in monocotyledons, is rare in dicotyledons.
  • The parts of the flower are in fives in calyx, corolla and stamens, followed by two carpels which unite to form a superior ovary.