Number Words to Learn (Printable Chart Included)

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Updated January 8, 2021
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    number words written on sticky notes
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Learning how to properly write numbers is an essential aspect of language arts and math education. It's just as important to know how to write and spell numbers as words as it is to express them in numerals. Use the printable number words chart as a tool to help master number spelling.

Printable Number Words Spelling Chart

The printable number word charts below are great tools for students who are learning number spelling and how to write the word form of numbers. Click the image to download the chart as a PDF file that you can print or save to your device for future reference. See this guide to printables if you need assistance with the document.

Number Words Chart

Number words chart

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The printable chart includes examples of all numbers from 0-149, with details on how the pattern continues through the millions.


Single-Digit Number Spelling: 0-9

The most basic step in learning how to spell number words is to master zero through 9.

(1) one(2) two(3) three
(4) four(5) five(6) six
(7) seven(8) eight(9) nine

Two-Digit Number Spelling 10-19

The number words for 10-15 are unique words that build on previous spellings. Beyond fifteen, each single-digit number word gets -teen added to the end.

(1) ten(11) eleven
(12) twelve(13) thirteen
(14) fourteen(15) fifteen
(16) sixteen(17) seventeen
(18) eighteen(20) nineteen

Number Words by Tens

Moving forward, as with the word ten, there are unique words for the tens place of all two-digit numbers.

(20) twenty

(30) thirty

(40) forty

(50) fifty

(60) sixty

(70) seventy

(80) eighty

(90) ninety


Tens Words Using 20 as an Example

When writing out additional two-digit number words, simply place the appropriate single-digit number word after the word for the tens place. Be sure to use a hyphen.

(21) twenty-one(22) twenty-two(23) twenty-three
(24) twenty-four(25) twenty-five(26) twenty-six
(27) twenty-seven(28) twenty-eight(29) twenty-nine

Additional Tens Words

Use the patterns above with the other tens place words to spell out 31 (thirty-one)-99 (ninety-nine).

Number Words by 100s

As with the tens, there are unique words for the hundreds place of all three-digit numbers.

(100) one hundred(200) two hundred(300) three hundred
(400) four hundred(500) five hundred(600) six hundred
(700) seven hundred(800) eight hundred(900) nine hundred

Hundreds Words Using 101-130 as Examples

When spelling out words for three-digit numbers over 100, you should only use hyphens if the number that is being added after the word "hundred" would require a hyphen on its own. In the table below, notice how the hyphens are used for the number words for 121-129, but not for other spellings. This pattern continues through 999.

(101) one hundred one(102) one hundred two(103) one hundred three
(104) one hundred four(105) one hundred five(106) one hundred six
(107) one hundred seven(108) one hundred eight(109) one hundred nine
(110) one hundred ten(111) one hundred eleven(112) one hundred twelve
(113) one hundred thirteen(114) one hundred fourteen(115) one hundred fifteen
(115) one hundred sixteen(117) one hundred seventeen(118) one hundred eighteen
(119) one hundred nineteen(120) one hundred twenty(121) one hundred twenty-one
(122) one hundred twenty-two(123) one hundred twenty-three(124) one hundred twenty-four
(125) one hundred twenty-five(126) one hundred twenty-six(127) one hundred twenty-seven
(128) one hundred twenty-eight(129) one hundred twenty-nine(130) one hundred thirty

Beyond the Hundreds

After 999, the next number is one thousand. The pattern for number words continues beyond the hundreds through the thousands and beyond. Once you get past the thousands, then the millions come next.

one thousand

Substitute the one-, two- or three-digit number word for one, using the hundred words as needed.

  • (2,005) two thousand five
  • (10,500 ) ten thousand five hundred
  • (100,000) one hundred thousand

one million

Substitute the one-, two- or three-digit number word for one, using the hundred words as needed

  • (3,000,001) three million one
  • (12,000,000) twelve million
  • (200,000,000) two hundred million

Mastering Number Spellings

Since spelling out number words follows a set pattern past a certain point, it's not as difficult as it seems to learn how to properly write out numbers in word form. However, large numbers usually aren't written out in text.

When deciding how to best put numbers into your writing, consider whether you should be following a specific style. For example, AP style, which is typically used to write news stories, generally requires spelling out one through nine but using numerals above 10. Always follow any specific style guide required or recommended for an assignment. If you're working on something that doesn't need to follow a specific style guide, then consider what will be easiest for readers to understand.


Expand Your Skills

Now that you know how to write number words, expand your skills related to numerical values. Start by exploring number and quantity prefixes. From there, explore the difference between the metric system and the imperial system.