Sentence Examples

  • In C. nigrescens and in some other species a zooid may contain a pair of ovaries, a pair of testes, or an ovary and a testis, although the males, females and hermaj phrodites do not differ from one another in external characters.
  • The majority of the species belong to the family Pulicidae, of which P. irritans maybe taken as the type; but the order also includes the Sarcopsyllidae, the females of which fix themselves firmly to their host, and the Ceratopsyllidae, or bat-fleas.
  • The excess of females over males is great in the western and northern counties, while in the eastern parts and in Croatia-Slavonia there is a slight preponderance of males.
  • Normally he wouldn't mind having the attention of a room full of females, but this was different.
  • "Speaking of lying, manipulating females," Darian said, tone lighter.