Feele Definition

1616, Alexander Roberts, A Treatise of Witchcraft.
And if thou be in distresse, or afflicted with sicknesse of body, and feele no present release or comfort, what then? here is the tryall of thy patience, haue not recourse to superstitious and vnlawfull helpers, although they promise thee present remedy; and when they fore-tell thee of things which doe truely according to the prediction to fall out, beleeue them not, follow the example of Christ, who rebuked the Diuell, though he called him (as he was indeed) the Son of God. For vnder the vaile of truth he shadoweth falshood; euen as if one should sweeten with honey or sugar the brimme of the Cup wherein he bringeth poyson: But some will say, they call vpon the name of the Lord of Sabbaoth.
1640, Richard Lovelace, Lucasta.
VIII. A REFORMATION I would have, As for our griefes a SOV'RAIGNE salve; That is, a cleansing of each wheele Of state, that yet some rust doth feele.

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