Sentence Examples

  • He stopped to evaluate the gilded ornaments.
  • The plan you create will help to break down and evaluate all the economic factors that will have an impact on your business and will provide you with a view of how you will overcome these economic factors to make your business a success.
  • Various days of camp are slightly different; the first few days of camp focus more on learning dance team routines, while the last few days of camp provide opportunities to evaluate each team performing the routines learned early in camp.
  • In looking for weekly Gemini romance horoscopes, it is necessary to evaluate which stage the particular Gemini is in - immature or mature - before you can accurately find a horoscope weekly reading that speaks to that particular stage.
  • However, it is important to evaluate which places actually offer free templates and which ones are actually simply portals advertising templates for purchase - or worse, that are trying to trick you into downloading viruses or malware.