Sentence Examples

  • Whether this type is more conveniently designated by the word Iberian, or by some other name (" Eur-african," " Mediterranean," &c.) is a matter of comparative indifference, provided that there is no misunderstanding as to the steps by which the term Iberian attained its meaning in modern anthropology.
  • `O cwv eur VTaXrciv µe 7rpos vµas, understands it in the more metaphysical sense of God's absolute being.
  • The jackal (C. aureus, Eur., Ind., Eth.) abounds on the Helmund and Argand-ab, and probably elsewhere.
  • Of 124 species in that list, 95 are pronounced to be Eurasian, 17 Indian, 10 both Eurasian and Indian, i (Turtur risorius) Eur., Ind.
  • - The following particulars are from Gray: - Lizards - Pseudopus gracilis (Eur.), Argyrophis Horsfieldii, Salea Horsfieldii, Calotes Maria, C. versicolor, C. minor, C. Emma, Phrynocephalus Tickelii - all Indian forms. A tortoise (Testudo Horsfieldii) appears to be peculiar to Kabul.