Sentence Examples

  • Fills the deepest part of a vast depression, sometimes known as the Aralo-Caspian depression, once an inland sea, the Eurasian Mediterranean or Sarmatian Ocean.
  • But the Greek race before Alexander had not its later prestige, and we must consider such a sentiment as leads the Eurasian to-day to cling to his Western parentage, so that the instance of the Branchidae cannot be used straight away for the time after Alexander.
  • The Eurasian, the Ethiopian (to which region Baluchistan seems to belong) and the Indo-Malayan.
  • Chaus (both Eurasian); F.
  • Of 124 species in that list, 95 are pronounced to be Eurasian, 17 Indian, 10 both Eurasian and Indian, i (Turtur risorius) Eur., Ind.