Sentence Examples

  • She joined them at the door with enough loose euro change for a couple of beers and dinner.
  • Johnson, Oriental Religions, &c. (3 vols.); India (London, 1873); China (Boston, 1877); Persia (1885); Lippert, Die Religionen der Euro paischen Cultur-Volker (Berlin, 1881); A.
  • The early corners were a conservative force in politics, but many of the later corners wanted and Euro- to make California a second Texas.
  • Bianchis Storia della diplomazza euro pea in Italsa (8 vols., Turin, 1865) is an invaluable and thoroughly reliable work.
  • In the first place, the ratio of the heighi of his head to the length of his body is greater than it is in Euro peans.