Sentence Examples

  • Epitomes of these elaborate works were published, 1851-1853.
  • For the life of Marius the original sources are numerous passages in Cicero's works, Sallust's Jugurtha, the epitomes of the lost books of Livy, Plutarch's Lives of Sulla and Marius, Velleius Paterculus, Florus and Appian's Bellum civile.
  • Churches now became, in form and decoration, epitomes of the Christian scheme of salvation as the middle ages understood it.
  • We learn much more about the Stoic system from the scanty fragments of the first founders, 4 or even from the epitomes of Diogenes Laertius and Stobaeus, than from these writers.
  • It is probable that Obsequens, Cassiodorus and the compiler of the epitomes did not use the original work but an abridgment.

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