Sentence Examples

  • Jesus Christ is the complete embodiment of this ideal, in life and in death.
  • Meanwhile he set about building for himself at Upton a house which was to be the embodiment of all his principles of decorative art.
  • In the opinion of the people he was now regarded as the embodiment of all legal virtue; his health was toasted at the dinners of the Whigs amid rounds of applause, and, in recompense for the loss of his seat in parliament, he was returned by Lord Clive for his pocket-borough of Bishop's Castle, in Shropshire, in January 1770.
  • The serpent was probably regarded as the embodiment of the king Erechtheus; see Frazer, Adonis, 75; A.
  • Oldness, sameness, permanence of principle and direction, these must be, otherwise there is nothing; but newness of embodiment, existence, realization also, otherwise nothing is.