Sentence Examples

  • With Avatar being lauded by many for the stunning visual impact the film creates with lush world's and lifelike humanoids, the 3D aesthetic of the film benefited from the technology advancements it necessitated.
  • While the plot of Avatar will be fodder for science fiction buffs for many years to come as will many of the film's images, some believe that the background of Avatar's creation is almost more interesting than the film.
  • While some people fashion an avatar to actually look like they actually appear as individuals, others enjoy the experience of creating an avatar which does not actually have any physical resemblance to them whatsoever.
  • Such features include the ability to create a virtual home, online shopping, the ability to participate in online games, as well as, of course, a virtual avatar chat room to chat with people all over the planet.
  • They allege that the tenth Avatar has yet to occur and will be in the form of a white-winged horse (Kalki) who will destroy the earth.