Sentence Examples

  • Both he and his brother Ananda, who were considerably younger than the Buddha, joined the brotherhood in the twentieth year of the Buddha's ministry.
  • 1 That is by the Arahat, the title the Buddha always uses of himself.
  • Heracleitus, who was a generation or two later than the Buddha, had very similar ideas; s and similar ideas are found in post-Buddhistic Indian works.
  • Buddha lived in the centre of Hindu India and among the many gods of the Brahmans.
  • All the others continued loyal disciples, but Devadatta, fifteen years afterwards, having gained over the crown prince of Magadha, Ajatasattu, to his side, made a formal proposition, at the meeting of the order, that the Buddha should retire, and hand over the leadership to him, Devadatta (Vinaya Texts, iii.