Sentence Examples

  • What are your thoughts on my trying to see what happened to the entries in the million dollar contest?
  • From the close of the 13th century downwards countless transactions on the basis of leases for terms of years occur between the peasants themselves, any suitably kept set of 14th-century court rolls containing entries in which such and such a villein is said to appear in the halimote and to surrender for the use of another person named a piece of land belonging to the holding.
  • Many other entries occur in the succeeding centuries.
  • In those driving northeast rains which tried the village houses so, when the maids stood ready with mop and pail in front entries to keep the deluge out, I sat behind my door in my little house, which was all entry, and thoroughly enjoyed its protection.
  • "There are hundreds, maybe thousands of entries," I offered in a weak effort to give her hope.