Sentence Examples

  • We already discussed the salaries of video game designers in another article, showing that even entry-level designers can make a very comfortable income right out of school.
  • If, however, they work for companies that set high standards of conduct that apply to everyone from the CEO to the most entry-level worker, the corporate culture is much more likely to be viewed as one that values doing what is right.
  • Although many colleges and universities now offer specific degree programs in public relations and advertising, a journalism background is typically considered sufficient preparation for an entry-level job in these fields as well.
  • While a bachelor's degree in business can help employees land a variety of entry-level jobs, an MBA is likely to present more professional opportunities and give graduates the tools they need to advance their own careers.
  • Recent graduates of paralegal schools traditionally find entry-level positions with law firms or in corporate legal departments and pursue more challenging and financially rewarding jobs as they gain experience.