Sentence Examples

  • Sheltered behind the entrenchments, the Spaniards scarcely suffered, for they were lithe active troops accustomed to lie down and spring up from the ground.
  • But La Palisse's reserve wheeled in upon the rear of the Spaniards, and they retreated to the entrenchments as fast as they had advanced.
  • Still the conflict continued, but at last La Palisse, with all the gendarmerie still in hand, rode completely round the entrenchments and charged the Spaniards' rear again.
  • On the 26th of June Charles held a council of war, at which it was resolved to attack the Russians in their entrenchments on the following day.
  • Hood had meanwhile extended his entrenchments southwards to cover the Macon railway, and Howard's movement led to another engagement (battle of Ezra Church, July 28) in which the XV.