Sentence Examples

  • He was ennobled in 1802, and in 1804 the duke of Weimar, unwilling to lose him, doubled his meagre salary of 400 talers.
  • His uncle was ennobled by King Louis XVI., and his father was made a count by Napoleon I.
  • In the Baltic provinces they constitute the ennobled landlord class, and are the tradesmen and artisans in the towns.
  • On love depends the " fulfilling of the law," and the sole moral value of Christian duty - that is, on love to God, in the first place, which in its fullest development must spring from Christian faith; and, secondly, love to all mankind, as the objects of divine love and sharers in the humanity ennobled by the incarnation.
  • He was ennobled and named a councillor of state; and from 1816 he sat in the chamber of deputies as representative of Ain.