Sentence Examples

  • Among the blockhouses was one which by various enlargements and refoundations grew into the well-known Saalburg fort on the Taunus near Homburg.
  • Great enlargements, by tapping new sources of supply, were made in 1891-93, while since 1902 works have been in progress for bringing a new supply of pure water from the region of the Salza, a distance of nearly 150 m.
  • - Ganglionic enlargements are more conspicuous than in the Chitons.
  • Hajjaj pulled down the enlargements and restored the Ka`ba to its old state.
  • The conjectures of Hermann, in which the Wolfian theory found a modified and tentative application, were presently thrown into the shade by the more trenchant method of Lachmann, who (in two papers read to the Berlin Academy in 1837 and 1841) sought to show that the Iliad was made up of sixteen independent " lays," with various enlargements and interpolations, all finally reduced to order by Peisistratus.