Sentence Examples

  • He readjusts the distribution of property: he robs the rich and endows the poor.
  • We see now that the practice of the experimental method endows with a new vision both the experimenter himself and, through his influence, those who are associated with him in medical science, even if these be not themselves actually engaged in experiment; a new discipline is imposed upon old faculties, as is seen as well in other sciences as in those on which medicine more directly depends.
  • Later on the same day, the doors being shut, Jesus appears amongst His disciples, shows them His (pierced) hands and side, and solemnly commissions and endows them for the apostolate by the words, " As the Father bath sent Me, so I send you," and by breathing upon them saying " Receive the Holy Spirit: whose sins ye remit, they are remitted to them; whose sins ye retain, they are retained."
  • We may not always agree with his portraiture, but the men and women whom he saw exist for us instinct with the life with which he endows them and animated by the motives which he attributes to them.
  • He sees in the coming again of Nero, whose figure he endows with 1 See Bousset, Kommentar zur Offenbarung Johannis, on these passages.