Sentence Examples

  • Though she made no special distinction of creed in her charities, she was a notable benefactor of the Church of England, building and endowing churches and church schools, endowing the bishoprics of Cape Town and of Adelaide (1847), and founding the bishopric of British Columbia (1857).
  • Much good work was done by the Republicans during their brief tenure of power,but it soon came to an endowing to the course of events which favored a reaction against France.
  • During the week which he spent there, Bonaparte displayed marvellous energy in endowing the city with modern institutions; he even arranged the course of studies to be followed in the university.
  • But it was not long before his unbridled passion for endowing his relatives at the expense of the church and of his neighbours became manifest.
  • Recognized Magyar nationality by endowing the young Magyar prince with a kingly crown.