Sentence Examples

  • Many spoke eloquently and with originality.
  • On the 7th of June 1776 he seconded the famous resolution introduced by Richard Henry Lee that " these colonies are, and of a right ought to be, free and independent states," and no man championed these resolutions (adopted on the 2nd of July) so eloquently and effectively before the congress.
  • He eloquently advocated Charles's authorship. Since he wrote in 1829, some further evidence has been forthcoming in favour of the Naseby copy.
  • When in 1838 Baron Wesseleny' was unjustly thrown into prison upon a charge of treason Kolcsey eloquently though unsuccessfully conducted his defence; and he died about a week afterwards (August 24) from internal inflammation.
  • The refined magnificence of Guidubaldo's court is eloquently described by Baldassare Castiglione in his Cortegiano.