Sentence Examples

  • Five crosses are worked upon it, four in the corners and one in the middle, and there is an embroidered edging.'
  • In breadth, according to the size of the border and width of the walk, make a very handsome edging, but they should not be allowed to rise more than an inch and a half above the gravel, the grass being kept short by repeated mowings, and the edges kept trim and well-defined by frequently clipping with shears and cutting once or twice a year with an edging iron.
  • Box-edging and southernwood are examples.
  • In other words, it is already edging away from its identification with (all or any) doctrines.
  • The main armies quickly regained contact, each edging away northwestwards towards the Tennessee and coming into contact at Gaylesville, Alabama, and again at Decatur.

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