Sentence Examples

  • Interior designers and experienced home decorators know that a stylish, attractive window valance can remarkably transform plain, simple quarters into a festive, lively suite or a warm and cuddly corner, depending on what you desire.
  • A valance is simply a stylish piece of cloth that is specifically cut, decorated and designed to drape over your window to add superior style to your drapes or blinds with or without a cornice.
  • Depending on the theme and colors you choose, you can create fabulous styles for your valance using ordinary ropes, cords, hooks, or even an ordinary cylinder-type rod and some nails.
  • For even more style, try adding a small stud or two between each link after the rod is ready, this will add a bit of charm and elegance to your valance window treatment.
  • Ruffled and Trimmed: In this collection, you'll find the valance for the Narrow Ruffle Perma-Press Curtains, recognized as the first Country Curtains created!