Sentence Examples

  • To Aymer de Valence, earl of Pembroke, at whose death in 1324 the property passed to the knights of St John, who leased the new Temple to the lawyers, still the occupants of the district.
  • But during this half of its course it can boast of having on its left bank (the right bank is very poor in this respect) such historical cities as Vienne, Valence, Avignon, Tarascon and Arles, while it receives (left) the Isere, the Drome and the Durance rivers, all formed by the union of many streams, and bringing down the waters that flow from the lofty snowy Dauphine Alps.
  • Sardinoux (Valence, 1837) and E.
  • Through the energy and activity of Hincmar the theories of Gottschalk were condemned at Quierzy (8J3) and Valence (855), and the decisions of these two synods were confirmed at the synods of Langres and Savonnieres, near Toul (859).
  • In general, however, his views at that time were republican; he belonged to the club of Friends of the Constitution at Valence, spoke there with much acceptance, and was appointed librarian to the club.