Sentence Examples

  • Instead, be a doer that gets things done.
  • Rubro-vittatum is a variety with a very distinct bulb, the foliage is darker, and it is a hardier, better doer than the type.
  • He was a great thinker and a great doer, and with Washington he helped to make our country free.
  • Edmund, the "deed-doer" as the chronicle calls him, "Edmundus magnificus" as Florence of Worcester describes him, perhaps translating the Saxon epithet, was buried at Glastonbury, an abbey which he had entrusted in 943 to the famous Dunstan.
  • Not only does a sky-god like Varuna, or a sun-god like the Babylonian Shamash, survey all human things, and take cognizance of the evil-doer, but the daily course of the world is itself the expression of an intellectual and moral power.