Sentence Examples

  • He is a proficient pearl diver.
  • In 2005, anyone lusting for Jessica Alba bikini pictures received a bonanza when she starred in the film Into the Blue, in which she played a diver and wore almost nothing except bikinis through the entire film.
  • In older children and adults, near-drownings are often secondary to an event such as or a head or spinal injury or (in adults) a heart attack that causes unconsciousness and prevents a diver from resurfacing.
  • Red Gold Soarway: Kobold took the regular Soarway Diver and classed it up a few notches by adding a sleek leather strap and housing its precision movement inside a glowing 18 karat red gold case.
  • Once you become a seasoned diver, and after you save a few more bucks, then you'll be able to purchase brand new equipment, but for now, buying a previously owned scuba tank might be the most cost-efficient way to start diving.