Sentence Examples

  • A bottle-making machine combines the process of pressing with a plunger with that of blowing by compressed air.
  • An arrangement of this kind for shifting the load from a large cage at one operation was introduced by Fowler at Hucknall, in Leicestershire, where the trains are received into a framework with a number of platforms corresponding to those of the cage, carried on the head of a plunger movable by hydraulic pressure in a vertical cylinder.
  • The funnel is removed, and the plunger, neck-mould and the mass of molten glass attached to the neck are inverted.
  • A plunger is forced upwards into the glass in the neck-mould and forms the neck.
  • A mass of glass in a viscous state can be rolled with an iron roller like dough; can be rendered hollow by the pressure of the human breath or by compressed air; can be forced by air pressure, or by a mechanically driven plunger, to take the shape and impression of a mould; and can be almost indefinitely extended as solid rod or as hollow tube.