Sentence Examples

  • Spending a little time focusing on these little details can make all the difference between buying a speculator pair of Fendi sunglasses and a mediocre one.
  • Bravo's Flipping Out is a reality TV show that follows real estate speculator Jeff Lewis and his team as they buy, renovate, and then resell multi-million dollar homes.
  • Lewis has worked in the Los Angeles area as a real estate speculator for ten years.
  • If the test of the settlement were not frequently applied, speculators who were unfortunate would be tempted to plunge deeper until finally some became insolvent for large sums. As it is, the speculator who has incurred losses beyond his means tends to be discovered before his creditors are heavily involved.
  • This exclusion of the European land speculator and denial of the right to buy and sell land and of freehold tenure was held by all the authorities to be essential for the moral and material welfare of the inhabitants of a land where the duty of the white man is mainly that of administration and his material advantages lie in trade.