Sentence Examples

  • At last, indeed, the dissidents themselves even petitioned the empress to leave them alone.
  • Eventually, Count Heinrich was pressured to rid the area of religious dissidents, and the Brethren felt compelled to leave.
  • The Reformers themselves, indeed, like other dissidents and reformers before them, did not necessarily repudiate the name of Catholic; they believed, in fact, in catholicism, i.e.
  • The sultan, though inclined to take up the cause of the Polish dissidents, was slow to move, and contented himself for a while with protests and threats.
  • "Febronius," indeed, was in favour of a frank recognition of this national basis of ecclesiastical organization, and saw in Episcopacy the best means of reuniting the dissidents to the Catholic Church, which was to consist, as it were, of a free federation of episcopal churches under the presidency of the bishop of Rome.