Sentence Examples

  • This confirmed the results of the treaty of Cateau-Cambrsis (May 2~ 1598), that is to say, the decadence of Spanish power, and its inability either to conquer or to dismember France.
  • Had planned to begin dismember ing the -Turkish empire.
  • Wanted to be declared the protector of the kingdom in order that he might dismember it, and when Charles Emmanuel of Savoy, a grandson of Francis I., and Charles III., duke of Lorraine, a son-in-law of Henry II., were both of them claiming the crown.
  • Since he could not dismember the kingdom of France, his only course was to reconstitute the ancient kingdom of Lotharingia; while the conquest of the principality of Liege and of the duchy of Gelderland, and the temporary occupation of Alsace, pledged to him by Sigismund of Austria, made him greedy for Germany.
  • The hour had come for Dante, the great Florentine poet, to curse the man who was to dismember the empire, precipitate the fall of the papacy and discipline feudalism.