Sentence Examples

  • Plotted like a schoolboy to turn his devotions into secret criticisms of state policies.
  • White is also the colour proper to sacramental processions, and generally to all devotions connected with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • He devoted much time to explaining the meaning of the various parts of the Prayer-Book, and held services twice every day, at which many of the parishioners attended, and some "let their plough rest when Mr Herbert's saints-bell rung to prayers, that they might also offer their devotions to God with him."
  • Literature.-Of his works the Manual of Private Devotions is the best known, for it appeals to Christians of every church.
  • These references indicate that the hymn was used in private devotions; as it does not appear in any of the earliest liturgies, whether Eastern or Western, its introduction into the public services of the church was probably of a later date than has often been supposed.