Sentence Examples

  • Each is said by its devotees to have been given by inspiration.
  • In all these matters he followed the guidance of divines and devotees, in whose congenial company he delighted.
  • FAKIR (from Arabic faqir, " poor"), a term equivalent to Dervish or Mahommedan religious mendicant, but which has come to be specially applied to the Hindu devotees and ascetics of India.
  • Others believed in him, but at first his adherents were a small circle of devotees who kept their faith a secret.
  • From 1749 to 1757 the party of religious devotees grouped round the queen and the kings daughters, with the dauphin as cluef and the comte D,Argenson and Machault dArnouville, keeper of the seals, as lieutenants, had worked against Madame de Pompadour (who leant for supporl upon the parlements, the jansenists and the philosophers)