Sentence Examples

  • Whether you're a bedding aficionado or simply looking to stock up on a few comforter sets to tide you over for the next few years, you can count on finding plenty both online and in stores.
  • It's always a good place to start - even if you're a more seasoned wine aficionado there is always something you can learn or pick up from a wine education class.
  • Spoilers involving the Gilmore Girls remain popular due in large part to the show's enormous popularity with its fans including Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, a former television commentator and spoiler aficionado for TV Guide.
  • For more about this wonderful group of plants, visit Hellebores, a website created by a hellebore aficionado that includes a large gallery of photos, history, cultivation and propagation information and more.
  • For example, the aforementioned Members Only jacket makes a great gift for the avid '80s aficionado, while a classic smoking jacket might please the dapper gentleman with a taste for luxurious garments.