Sentence Examples

  • Insects are comparatively few, but ants swarm destructively in the heat of the year.
  • But Jung's arguments, though strong destructively against the Mattioli theory, break down as regards any valid proof either that the prisoner arrested at Peronne was a Bastille prisoner in 1673 or that he was ever at Pignerol, where indeed we find no trace of him.
  • But the smallness of the single city-states and their unwillingness to combine prevented this superiority in quality from telling destructively upon the bulk of the Persian empire.
  • Cyclo-heptene, C 7 H 121 is obtained by the action of alcoholic potash on suberyl iodide; and from cyclo-heptane carboxylic acid, the amide of which by the action of sodium hypobromite is converted into cyclo-heptanamine, which, in its turn, is destructively methylated (R.