Sentence Examples

  • The movement was checked and Selim Bey was deported to the coast.
  • In 1798, when the French occupied Rome, Consalvi was imprisoned in the castle of St Angelo, together with other papal officials, in retaliation for the murder of General Duphot; a proposal to whip him through the streets was defeated by the French general in command, but, after three months' confinement, he was deported with a crowd of galley slaves to Naples, and his property was confiscated as that of "an enemy of the Roman republic."
  • Some of them, including Barthelemy, were deported to Cayenne.
  • The Congress deported him to Italy, and granted him a pension.
  • In 1853, he was acquitted, but shortly afterwards was imprisoned for belonging to a secret society; for his share in antiimperialist conspiracies in 1855 he was arrested and deported to Algeria without a trial.