Sentence Examples

  • To this day hymns are unwittingly sung to Bacchus in the dales and glens of Kafiristan.
  • These dales drain to Ullswater (205 ft.
  • Coaches and cars traverse the main roads during the summer, but many of the finest dales and passes are accessible only on foot or by ponies.
  • The longer Christina ruled, the more anxious for the future fate of her empire grew the men who had helped to build it up. Yet she gave fresh privileges to the towns; she encouraged trade and manufactures, especially the mining industries of the Dales; in 1649 she issued the first school ordinance for the whole kingdom; she encouraged foreign scholars to settle in Sweden; and native science and literature, under her liberal encouragement, flourished as they had never flourished before.
  • The high-lying moorland of the surrounding district is diversified by picturesque, dales; and Harrogate is not far from many towns and sites of great interest, such as Ripon, Knaresborough and Fountains Abbey.