Sentence Examples

  • Ambition and cupidity were the source of the most deplorable abuses in the Roman Church.
  • The sight of his treasure roused the cupidity of the sailors, who resolved to possess themselves of it by putting him to death.
  • They imagined that, like other nations, they would fallbefore their superior tactics and valour; and their cupidity was inflamed by the prospect of marching to Calcutta and plundering the country.
  • Finally, the contention that no visit of Timothy to Rome is known is an argument from silence which is of little more weight than the plea of Spitta that the cupidity of Felix (Acts xxiv.
  • All the vigilance of the emperor could not restrain the dishonesty and the cupidity of his servants, and no sooner was the strong hand of their ruler removed than they began to acquire territorial power for themselves.