Sentence Examples

  • No spotting or cramps, but she did have motion sickness.
  • The object can be held firmly on the stage plate B by cramps C. On the lower side of the stage plate are the condenser and the diaphragms, and the illuminating mirror J is held by a rod D fixed to the stage plate.
  • The next morning she woke to cramps - and the unwelcome fact that she was not pregnant.
  • The pain in the stomach is persistent, and cramps in the calves of the legs add to the torture.
  • The symptoms of acute poisoning are pain and diarrhoea, owing to the setting up of an active gastro-enteritis, the foeces being black (due to the formation of a sulphide of lead), thirst, cramps in the legs and muscular twitchings, with torpor, collapse, convulsions and coma.