Sentence Examples

  • He didn't remove his mask and hood, even within the confines of his home.
  • It Implies A Year Differing In Excess From The True Year Only By 19.45 Sec., While The Gregorian Year Is Too Long By 26 Sec. It Produces A Much Nearer Coincidence Between The Civil And Solar Years Than The Gregorian Method; And, By Reason Of Its Shortness Of Period, Confines The Evagations Of The Mean Equinox From The True Within Much Narrower Limits.
  • Similar rocks cover a large area in the province of Goyaz and in the south of the Matto Grosso, and they form, also, the hills which border the basin of the Amazon on the confines of Venezuela and Guiana.
  • When "human testing" is done almost immediately, but within the safe confines of a CPU.
  • More gunfire deafened her in the small confines of the garage, and men screamed and fell.