Sentence Examples

  • * The term " Alloy Cast Irons " is not actually in frequent use, not because of any question as to its fitness or meaning, but because the need of such a generic term rarely arises in the industry.
  • Nails, rivets, chains, fire-irons, locks and safes are produced.
  • Alloy steels and cast irons are those which owe their properties chiefly to the presence of one or more elements other than carbon.
  • Of great scientific interest in this connexion is the discovery of small diamonds in certain meteorites, both stones and irons; for example, in the stone which fell at Novo-Urei in Penza, Russia, in 1886, in a stone found at Carcote in Chile, and in the iron found at Canon Diablo in Arizona.
  • Irons, Study in Psychology of Ethics (1903); G.