Sentence Examples

  • If your thighs are great, but you need a little help in the midsection, choose a product like the Vedette Waist Cincher Firm Control Body Shaper #103, which has a similar fit to that of a corset and leaves your arms and legs free.
  • While a corset may not be the most comfortable garment to wear, you won't want your discomfort to come from a rogue piece of underwire or the embarrassment of a zipper that's pulling away from the fabric on one side.
  • Corsets sell for much lower than retail price there, and if you can find the color, style, and size you're looking for, you could easily stock up and spend less than you would have on a single corset somewhere else.
  • "Beer Maiden" has a velveteen mini-dress with an attached lace-up floral trim vest designed to look like a corset top, an eyelet blouse with ruffled neck and sleeves, plether belt suspenders and a matching choker.
  • When you wear French satin knickers as they were originally intended -- with a matching bra, bustier, corset or camisole, combined with a garter belt and stockings -- you create a classic vision of femininity that never loses its appeal.