Sentence Examples

  • Common trends in boutonnieres and corsages currently are black and pink roses, colorful bead bracelets to attach the corsage to the girl's wrist, silver ribbons, unusual flower types, and bright flower colors.
  • When choosing sock colors for a baby sock corsage, you can either go with traditional pastels or you can try something different, with bright primary colors that are sure to get attention.
  • If you find yourself with that dilemma, and you're looking to buy a few pacifiers as part of a baby shower gift, consider creating a pacifier corsage made up of personalized pacifiers.
  • We've all become so accustomed to the usual prom dress; a solid wall of color that flows gracefully to the floor and that is usually adorned with just one creative accent- a corsage.
  • If you know her dress color, picking a corsage that is one of her favorite colors is a good idea, as long as it does not clash or you could get her favorite flower in the corsage.

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