Sentence Examples

  • The nature of their actions makes it absolutely imperative that they fully cooperate.
  • When he was eventually caught after he'd been committing identity theft for five years, he agreed to cooperate with the FBI and became a successful consultant advising businesses about how to protect themselves from this crime.
  • Some children achieve some control over bladder and/or bowel movements as early as nine months of age and are able to cooperate in controlling themselves to some degree by the age of 12 to 15 months.
  • Families must cooperate together to accomplish goals and live peacefully, whether that cooperation is part of chore duties, household maintenance, saving money, or other family tasks.
  • While anorexia is usually treated on an in-patient basis, bulimia and binge-eating may be treated on an out-patient basis if the victim is willing to cooperate with the treatment.