Sentence Examples

  • Their cooing is the only sound that breaks the silence of the old halls.
  • After some cooing on Cynthia's part, the crying subsided to sniffs and quiet sobs.
  • His prophet-priests the Selloi " with unwashed feet, couching on the ground," 1° lived about the sacred oak, which may be re garded" as the primeval shrine of the Aryan God, and interpreted its oracular voice, which spoke in the rustling of its leaves or the cooing of its doves.
  • In life, however, its appearance must be wholly unlike, for it rarely flies, hops actively on the ground or among bushes, with its tail erect or turned towards its head, and continually utters various and strange notes, - some, says Darwin, are "like the cooing of doves, others like the bubbling of water, and many defy all similes."