Sentence Examples

  • MANDELIC ACID (Phenylglycollic Acid), C 8 H 8 O 3 or C 6 H 5 CH(OH) COOH, an isomer of the cresotinic and the oxymethylbenzoic acids.
  • OH COOH, may be prepared; and the two other known oxybenzoic acids (ortho- and para-) may be converted into benzoic acid.
  • The diaminobenzene resulting from two of these acids is the ortho-compound; from three, the meta-; and from one the para-; this is explained by the following scheme: CH NH, NH, NH., IAO NH, N / NH HooCCNH, Cooh Nh, W.
  • Syntheses of the Benzene Ring.-The characteristic distinctions NH NH, r.-NH, [[Cooh Cooh, _ + Nh2 Nh, H., Cooh]] x x x Tri.
  • Substituted acetylenes also exhibit this form of condensation; for instance, bromacetylene, BrC: CH, is readily converted into tribrombenzene, while propiolic acid, HC: C. COOH, under the influence of sunlight, gives benzene tricarboxylic acid.