Sentence Examples

  • The carboxyl group constitutes another convenient startingpoint for the orientation of many types of organic compounds.
  • A third hydroxyl group may be introduced into the - CH: 0 residue with the formation of the radical - C(OH) :0; this is known as the carboxyl group, and characterizes the organic acids.
  • Hence the positions occupied by the nitro groups in the two different nitrobrombenzoic acids must be symmetrical with respect to the carboxyl group. In 1879, Hubner (Ann., 1 95, p. 4) proved the equivalence of the second pair, viz.
  • P. Griess (Ber., 1872, 5, p. 192; 18 74, 7, p. 1223) orientated the three diaminobenzenes or phenylene diamines by considering their preparation by the elimination of the carboxyl group in the six diaminobenzoic acids.
  • The average value for the carboxyl group is 119.75 calories, i.e.