Conscientious Definition

Guided by or in accordance with the dictates of conscience; principled.
A conscientious decision to speak out about injustice.
American Heritage
Governed by, or made or done according to, what one knows is right; scrupulous; honest.
Webster's New World
Thorough and assiduous.
A conscientious worker; a conscientious effort to comply with the regulations.
American Heritage
Showing care and precision; painstaking.
Webster's New World

Thorough, careful, or vigilant; implies a desire to do a task well.

He was a thoughtful and conscientious worker.

Origin of Conscientious

  • Obsolete French conscientieux from Medieval Latin cōnscientiōsus from Latin cōnscientia conscience conscience

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle French conscientieux

    From Wiktionary

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