Sentence Examples

  • Certain astronomical conjunctions determined the selection of the fast-days, which in their total number amounted to nearly a quarter of the year.
  • The commoner conjunctions are a, ac, " and "; ond, eithr," but "; o, os, " if "; pan, " when "; tra, " while."
  • The successive entries of the moon and planets into the nakshatras (the ascertainment of which was of great astrological importance) were fixed by means of their conjunctions with the yogataras.
  • " He thinks that repetitions of similar conjunctions occur in Nature, the connexion of cause and effect only in abstraction.
  • We can calculate, by the help of the kinetic theory and the theory of chances, the frequency with which the necessary conjunctions of ions will occur, and show that the general law will be that the coagulative powers should be in the ratios of 1: x: x 2.